Sensors are the most basic, commonly used components in automation. Autonics provides a wide variety of sensors including proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensors, and pressure sensors, for maximum user effciency.

Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are the most common and affordable solution for no-touch object detection. The most commonly used proximity sensors are the inductive type which generate an electromagnetic field to sense metal objects passing close to the face. This is usually the easiest sensing technology to apply in applications where the metal target is within an inch or two from the sensor face. Autonics offers 12 products of 6 different types of proximity sensors, both inductive and capacitive and has maintained No.1 market share in Korea for more than 10 years and is still endeavoring to advance product quality and sensing reliability up to the top level of global standards. If you are looking for the most cost effective and reliable proximity sensors, Autonics is the answer.

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  • AS Series

    Long Sensing Distance Type Proximity Sensor
  • CR Series

    Electric Capacitive Type Proximity Sensor
  • PET18-5

    Transmission Coupler
  • PFI Series

    Flat Type Proximity Sensor
  • PR Series

    Cylindrical Type Proximity Sensor
  • PRA Series

    Spatter-resistant Type Proximity Sensor
  • PRACM Series

    Cylindrical Spatter-Resistance Connector Type Proximity Sensor
  • PRAW Series

    Cylindrical, Spatter-Resistance, Cable Connector Type
  • PRCM Series

    Cylindrical Connector Type Proximity Sensor
  • PRD Series

    Long Distance Sensing Proximity Sensors
  • PRDA Series

    Long Distance Sensing Spatter-resistant Type Proximity Sensors
  • PRDACM Series

    Long Distance Cylindrical Spatter-Resistance Connector Type Proximity Sensor