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Autonics cables and connectors make system configuration easy. With a diverse line-up of connector accessories are available, including I/O terminal blocks, I/O cables, sensor connectors, connector cables, controller sockets, sensor distribution boxes, valve plugs, and thumbwheel switches.

I/O Terminal Blocks

I/O terminal blocks are widely used to connect various devices in a industrial environments and accomplish ideal system configurations.

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I/O Cables

Autonics connector transmission cables are highly reliable and compatible, and can be used with various PLCs, Servo, and controllers.

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Sensor Connectors

Autonics sensor connectors provide convenience for users and significantly reduce installation work when configuring sensor-based systems.

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Connector Cables

The connector cables are used with Autonics connector type proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, and rotary encoders. Various lengths and configurations are available.

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Sensor Distribution Boxes

Sensor distribution boxes can simplify sensor connections and provides flexibility in installing multiple sensors in various applications.

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The sockets are used with Autonics plug type control devices such as temperature controllers or timers and boast high durability and electrical conductivity.

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Thumbwheel Switches

Autonics thumbwheel switches can be easily installed or connected to various control devices and boast high durability.

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