About Autonics

The foundation for Autonics was laid in 1977. The goal for us is to offer our customers quality products at great prices. Autonics today offers an impressive range of products for industrial automation with benefits that meet the changes and demands you have on your application.

Autonics has a good name in I.A. and we have one of the widest programs in the market. Over the years, Autonics has delivered I.A. products worldwide to satisfied customers.

Our wide product range provides a low cost choice and the latest in the highest quality electronics

Our products can be ordered as complete systems with sensors and accessories, assembled and ready for installation or as individual products.

Autonics Scandinavia AB, BASI Instrument AB and BASI Process Control Philippines INC are included in Steen Technology AB`s business group.

Our own registered trademarks are



We will be happy to assist you with advice and solutions.
Contact us at tel. 0416-30120, fax 040-92 98 77 or e-mail sales@autonics.se

Please visit our sister company BASI Instrument AB www.basi.se if you need products for process instrumentation.