Autonics cables and connectors make system configuration easy. With a diverse line-up of connector accessories are available, including I/O terminal blocks, I/O cables, sensor connectors, connector cables, controller sockets, sensor distribution boxes, valve plugs, and thumbwheel switches.

I/O Terminal Blocks

Autonics newly introduces I/O terminal block – AFS, ACS, AFE, ABS series, in order to provide more diverse IA solutions. Autonics terminal blocks are designed with excellent durability and high compatibility to realize superior networking reliability. In addition, Autonics will contribute to making better working environment by introducing various connector transmission cable series. The series will guarantee high compatibility with higher controllers (PLC) for easier wiring works.

  • ABL Series

    Screwless Relay Terminal Blocks
  • ABS Series

    Optimized solution to operate diverse loads using PLC output signals
  • ACL Series

    Common Terminal Blocks (Screwless Push-In Type)
  • ACR Series

    Common Terminal Blocks (Rising Clamp Type)
  • ACS Series

    No jumper bars required due to built-in PCB common
  • AFE Series

    Easy wiring works using sensor connectors (CNE Series)
  • AFL Series

    Quick Connect Interface Terminal Blocks (Screwless Push-In Type)
  • AFR Series

    Quick Connect Interface Terminal Blocks (Rising Clamp Type)
  • AFS Series

    Ideal for connector type PLC and dedicated controllers
  • ASL Series

    Solid State Relay Terminal Blocks (Screwless Type)