SRPH1 Series

The single phase solid state relays SRPH1 series allow phase control or cycle control with 4-20 mA analog input and feature detachable heatsinks for easy maintenance or replacement. The high dielectric strength of 4000 VAC provides durable and reliable performance in various applications, including heater loads, semiconductor equipment, and motor control.

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* Phase control and cycle control possible with 4-20 mA analog input
– Phase control (output power control / phase angle control)
– Cycle control (fixed cycle / variable cycle)
* DIN rail mount or panel mount installation
* Rated input voltage: 4-20 mA (analog input)
* Rated load voltage: 100-240 VAC, 200-480 VAC
* Rated load current (resistive load): 20 A, 30 A, 60 A
* Dielectric strength: 4000 VAC
* High heat dissipation efficiency with ceramic PCB and Integrated heat sink
* Zero cross turn-on, random turn-on models available
* Input Indicator (green LED)

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