TF3 Series

The TF3 series refrigeration temperature controllers offer reliable and optimal cooling control with diverse features and functions. The controllers are available in standard refrigeration and air-cooling panel installation sizes for convenient installation. The series also features various user-friendly functions including defrost sync function, real-time clock function, alarm function, night-mode, communication output and more. Users can also remotely monitor real-time temperature and output status with the remote display units (TFD series, sold separately).


▣ Features

* Standard installation size for refrigeration panels (W 70.3 x H 28.2 mm)
* Various compressor load current capacity: 5A, 16A, 20A
* Various user-friendly functions:
– Defrost sync function: simultaneous defrost operation of multiple controllers (up to 6 units)
– RTC (Real Time Clock) function: night mode operation and real-time defrost control
– Built-in alarm function
* Remote monitoring of real-time temperature and output control (using TFD series remote display unit, sold separately)
* Communication output models available: RS485 (Modbus RTU)
* Parameter configuration via PC (RS485 communication)
– DAQMaster software included (comprehensive device management software)
* IP65 protection structure (IEC standard): front panel only

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