AiS Series

The AiS series 2-phase closed loop stepper motor system offers accurate and precise position control through feedback from the integrated encoder without the hassle of tuning and vibration of conventional servo motors. The encoder feedback provides information of the current position in reference to the input pulse with a high resolution of 10,000 pulses per revolution, allowing precise and accurate position control down to 0.036°. The series also features high torque compared to similar in-class models from other brands and various alarm functions for enhanced safety.


* Low cost closed loop system compared to servo motors with quick response rates for better continuous drive operation
* Low vibration during low speed drive and high torque during high speed drive
* No tuning required (easy gain setting using adjuster)
* Holding torque and no vibration (hunting) during position hold make it ideal for precision machines including optical inspection
* Various encoder resolutions: 500, 1000, 1600, 2000, 3200, 3600, 5000, 6400, 7200, 10000 (10-stages)
* Various alarm outputs: overcurrent, overspeed, overheating, motor connection error, encoder connection error, etc. (12 alarms)
* Frame sizes: 42 mm, 56 mm, 60 mm

*Applications: semiconductor equipment, 3D printers, optical inspection machines, SMT machines, cartesian robots, conveying equipment, alignment stages, and other precision machines.

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