TPS30 Series

The compact sized TPS30 series stainless steel pressure transmitters are ideal for measuring gas, liquid, or oil pressure in tight spaces or small machinery. The robust build allows measurement of high pressure (0 to 60 MPa / 0 to 600 bar) and low pressure (0 to 2 MPa / 0 to 20 bar) in temperature conditions ranging from -40° to 125°C. The transmitters are available in 5 different connector types and can be applied across diverse applications from packaging machines to heavy machinery, factories, and shipbuilding.


* DIN43650-A connector is now included in the packaging for DIN43650-A connector type models. (from 10/01/17)
* CS-DT3P (for DT04-3P connector type) connectors are now available (sold separately)

* Robust build allows high or low pressure measurement in high and low temperature environments
: high pressure (0 to 60 MPa / 0 to 600 bar), low pressure (0 to 2 MPa / 0 to 20 bar)
※sealed gauge pressure (-0.1 to 2 MPa / -1 to 20 bar), absolute pressure (0 to 2 MPa / 0 to 20 bar), gauge pressure (0 to 60 MPa / 0 to 600 bar)
: temperature range (-40° to 125°C) (may vary by model)
* For diverse applications including packaging machines, heavy machinery, factories, and shipbuilding
* Pressure measurement of any gas, liquid, or oil
* 316L stainless steel diaphragm for high corrosion resistance (except head component of head types)
* Compact size allows easy installation in tight or limited spaces
* 1 ms high-speed response rate
* Analog output : current (DC 4-20 mA), voltage (1-5 VDC)
* Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit
* Various connector types: cable type, DIN43650-A connector type, DT04-3P connector type, M12 connector type, head type
* Available thread sizes: G3/8, G1/4, R1/2
* IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)
(DIN43650-A connector type: IP65)

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