Smart Studio

Smart Studio is a logic panel software used to create, edit, and debug programs for LP series logic panels.

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* Supports multiple projects
Open up to 5 projects to create or edit programs simultaneously
* Convenient program editing
– Cell unit block editing
– Multi-window editing
– Viewing functions including view device name, view description, view variables, and more
– Simultaneous editing of ladder program and mnemonic programs
* Various monitoring functions
Variable monitoring, device monitoring, system monitoring, time chart monitoring, etc.
* Convenient user interface (Microsoft Windows interface)
* Various message windows
Various message windows provided for easier program editing and monitoring
* Real time conversion of ladder and mnemonic programs
Ladder and mnemonic programs are converted automatically, so that programming can be done on any editor.

Title Type Size
SmartStudio V2.00 En (build032) application/zip 31 MB
GP/LP Series USB Driver application/zip 8 MB
Smart Studio V2.00 (build 030) application/zip 24 MB
SmartStudio Programing Manual application/pdf 1 MB
Smart Studio V2.00 (User Manual) application/pdf 8 MB