MGA50S Series

The shaft-type Ø50 mm magnetic absolute rotary encoders MGA50S series provide precision and accuracy even in harsh environments with shock, vibration, dust, or humidity (compared to optical encoders). The encoders are available in various resolutions, up to 1024, and various output codes providing accurate, cost-efficient solutions for any demanding application.

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* High accuracy in harsh environments including shock, vibration, dust, and humidity (compared to optical encoders)
* Various output codes available: BCD, binary, Gray
* Various resolutions available: 32, 40, 45, 48, 64, 90, 128, 180, 256, 360, 512, 720, 1024 divisions
* Power supply: 5 VDC ±5%, 12-24 VDC ±5%
* IP50 protection structure (IEC standard)

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