D5W Series

Panel mounting display unit D5W series having various power supply range with 12-24VDC and 110/220VAC 50/60Hz, can can cover various user applications with diverse input specifications (STATIC, DYNAMIC, 4/5/16/20/25 BIT SERIAL). Moreover, the series can realizes decimal point and symbol “-“ display; moreover, display digit can be selectable both 4 digit(-9999~9999) and 5 digit(0~99999) to increase user convenience. Also, NPN/PNP input method selection and latch signal reversal function make the series more user convenient ever.

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* Various input specifications : Static Parallel input, Dynamic Parallel input, 4/5-bit serial input, 16/20/25-bit serial input method
* Decimal point, “-” minus sign display selection function : Display type by serial input / Display type by external DP terminal and MINUS terminal
* Positive/Negative logic input selection function
* Display digit selection function : 4-digit (-9999 to 9999), 5-digit (0 to 99999)
* Zero blanking function selection function
* Selectable reversion function of latch signal

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