BWP Series

BWP Series is an area sensor in plastic case that features superior sensing performance with mutual interference prevention function by selecting emitting light frequency. A wide variety of product line-up fulfils various customer needs. In addition, its compact size with dedicated Fresnel lens and plastic case is another feature of BWP Series that allows more space saving installation.


* 13mm slim body with fresnel lens
* Adoption of plastic (polycarbonate, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) injection case
* Various functions; stop transmission, interference prevention, lightening/flashing JOB indicator, Light ON/Dark ON operation by switch
* Easy to recognize at side, front, and long-distance by high brightness LED of Emitter and Receiver
* Fast response time up to 7ms
* 4 models with various optical axes (8 to 20) and sensing height (140 to 380mm)
* Protection structure IP40 (IEC standard)

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