Autonics atMotion is comprehensive motion control management software which allows users to program and monitor Autonics motion controllers (PMC-2HSP/2HSN, PMC-1HS/2HS, and PMC-4B-PCI). The user-friendly GUI provided in the software allows users to easily configure parameters and monitor various data of multiple motion control devices. The features, functions, and compatibility options from previous motion control software, Motion Studio, PMC-HS Management Software, and I/O Test Programs, have been integrated and upgraded to a single Comprehensive Motion Control Management Software, atMotion.

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▣ Features
* Supports Multiple Devices
  – Simultaneously configure parameters and monitor multiple devices.
  – Simultaneously connect units of the same device with different addresses.
  – Multiple RS-232 ports are available when using Modbus RTU communication.
* Device Scan
  : When multiple units with different addresses are connected, the address scan function provides automatic search of units.
* User-Friendly Interface
  : Users can freely arrange different windows including data monitoring properties and projects. The screen layout is also saved along with the project.
* Project Management
  : Added devices, data monitoring screen layouts, I/O sources and more can be saved as projects. The last saved state will be loaded when the project file is opened. Project list also allows users to easily manage different project files.
* Print Modbus Map Table Report
  : The address map of the registered Modbus devices can be printed in report format. The Modbus map table report can be saved as HTML (*.html) or PDF (*.pdf) formats.
* Multilingual Support
  : English and Korean are supported by default.
  : Users can add additional languages by editing and renaming the file and in the LANG folder.
* Lua Script Support
  : Different I/O can be processed for each device by using Lua script programming.
Title Type Size
atMotion V1.2.0.903 application/zip 48 MB
[Previous] PMC-HS Management Program application/zip 7 MB
PMC-2HSP(2HSN) C Library Series application/zip 17 MB
[Previous] MotionStudio(v1.0.3.35) application/zip 6 MB
[Previous] PMC-1HS/2HS I/O Program application/zip 7 MB
atMotion (User manual) application/pdf 6 MB
PMC-2HSP/2HSN Series (User manual) application/pdf 8 MB
PMC-2HSP/PMC-2HSN Series application/pdf 478 KB
PMC-4B-PCI Series application/pdf 466 KB
PMC-4B-PCI Series (User Manual) application/pdf 4 MB
PMC-1HS/2HS Series (User Manual) application/pdf 2 MB
atMotion (Catalog) application/pdf 879 KB
[Previous] MotionStudio application/pdf 961 KB
PMC-4B-PCI Series application/pdf 502 KB