The 8-pin plug type Power OFF Delay timers AT8PSN/AT8PMN Series are analog timers with simple configuration and direct recognition of time setting range. The analog timers are used to preserve circuits and restart during temporary power failures.

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* Time setting range (AT8PSN : 0.05 to 10sec, AT8PMN : 0.05 to 10min.)
* Simple time setup and direct read of time range
* Power supply : 100-120VAC 50/60Hz, 200-240VAC 50/60Hz / 100/110VDC, 24VAC 50/60Hz, 24VDC universal
* Application : Protect circuit when momentary power failure and start it again

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AT8P Series (CE Mark) application/pdf 2 MB
AT8PSN/AT8PMN Series (UL) application/pdf 144 KB
Timer Selection Guide application/pdf 421 KB
AT8PSN/AT8PMN Series application/pdf 279 KB
AT8PSN/AT8PMN Series application/pdf 419 KB