AHK Series

The hollow shaft type 5-phase stepper motors AHK Series, deliver reliable performance at low costs. The motors offer high precision, speed, and torque. The hollow shaft type stepper motors offers space saving design, and provides more installation flexibility for users.


* Removeable the coupling connecting Ball-screw, TM-screw directly
* Remove resonance(vibration·noise) without coupling
* Compact design and light weight with high accuracy, speed and torque
* Suitable for small-sized equipment applications
* Cost-effective

Title Type Size
AK Series (CE Mark) application/pdf 200 KB
AHK Series (CE Mark) application/pdf 82 KB
Stepper Motors / Stepper Motor Drivers / Motion Controllers Selection Guide application/pdf 6 MB
AHK Series application/pdf 572 KB
5-Phase Stepper Motors Series (Installation Instruction) application/pdf 571 KB
Stepper Motors & Drivers & Controllers (Applications) application/pdf 508 KB
Stepper Motors & Drivers & Controllers (Technical Description) application/pdf 582 KB
5-Phase Sepper Motor And Driver (Specifications) application/pdf 532 KB
5-Phase Stepper Motors (Ordering Information & Specifications) application/pdf 684 KB
Model/Specifications Series (5Phase) application/pdf 307 KB
AHK Series application/pdf 721 KB